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Hello everyone this is Lucifer…❤️ From here you can read translation novels/books, own creation, biography, self-help and so on. If you don't mind reading Chinese BL/GL translation novel, I will translate it! Feel free to criticize my work but insulting remarks or any rude words are not allowed. About the discrimination of homosexuality, the author's strongly against it. Homo are also human with heart. There is nothing wrong in love and we can't judge them. Love is love and we can't change it. I love you all😘 NOTICE: Please support the book "Overlord" too… although the account is not the same, from chapter 2.4 to present are my work. The original translator got some matter and transfer the project to me. No offence! Thank you! (A/N: Please subscribe the author's work and don't forget to support by clicking the BUY A CUPOF COFFEE buttom. Also don't forget to give reviews. You can share my work to facebook too!)

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Name    : COVID-19 အဆုတ္ေရာင္ေရာဂါကာကြယ္ေရးလက္စြဲ (Zawgyi)

Language : Burmese

6 Chapters

Science, Self-help

29 Mar 2020

Name    : COVID-19 အဆုတ်ရောင်ရောဂါကာကွယ်ရေးလက်စွဲ (Unicode)

Language : Burmese

6 Chapters

Science, Self-help

27 Mar 2020

Name    : No One Wants You

Language : Burmese

5 Chapters

Biography, Psychology

09 Dec 2019

Name    : The Pessimist's Guide to History

Language : Burmese

60 Chapters

Biography, Mystery, Science

19 Nov 2019

Name    : Doctor Who - Genocide

Language : Burmese

52 Chapters

Mystery, Science

12 Oct 2019

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